Legal affairs

Higher ed and the congressional election results


In the next session, Republican-controlled House and Senate led by Democrats will face a range of crises, including several with ramifications for higher education.

Questions about faculty list at new university

Newly launched Cambridge Graduate University has an impressive list of faculty members. Too bad many of them have never heard of it.


Publishers and Google end seven-year lawsuit with mysterious agreement

After seven years of litigation, publishers make peace with Google with sealed agreement, leaving librarians to wonder about implications for research.

Kinsey Institute app debacle highlights privacy hazards around new research method


Kerfuffle over release of Kinsey Institute sexual research tool highlights the opportunities and hazards of app-based data collection.


Court ruling in landmark e-reserve leaves unanswered questions

Despite its volume, 350-page court ruling in landmark case on fair use left many questions unanswered.

Supreme Court will hear case with major implications for textbook prices


Supreme Court will decide on whether less expensive, foreign-made editions of textbooks can be lawfully sold to thrifty U.S. students.

Kno-Cengage lawsuit highlights high stakes of digital migration

EdTech Industry

A legal spat over e-textbook "enhancement" tools highlights the importance of digital content as tech companies clamber for customers.

U.S. call for advice on publicly funded research reignites open access debates

White House solicitation about the government's role in making federally funded research available to the public rekindles debate over open access.

Law schools gather in DC for annual conference

The Association of American Law Schools gathers in Washington today, but with few mentions of the crisis in legal education on the agenda.

Biden's directive is not a vaccination mandate (letter)

To the Editor:

IHE writers need better editorial review when discussing COVID vaccination mandates -- for example, in the 9/13/21 article, “Institutions Will Be Impacted by Biden Vaccine Mandate,

“You must get vaccinated” is a vaccination mandate. “You must get vaccinated or take a weekly COVID test” is not a vaccination mandate, nor is it a testing mandate. It is just a conditional statement that says that if you don’t do one, then you must do the other. Biden’s directive for large private employers is not a vaccination mandate. The employees have a choice.

As a leading voice in higher education, Inside Higher Ed should model precision, not simple logical errors.

--Daryl Close

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