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Private colleges convinced company to scuttle release of list of projected college closures

A college advising company planned to release a list projecting when specific private colleges could run out of money and close, but pushback from the sector convinced the company to scuttle its plan.

House Democrats’ latest higher ed plan pushes free college, more generous loan repayment

Proposal would steer new money to community colleges, restore regulation of for-profit colleges and overhaul student loan repayment. But legislation hinges on Senate.

Two emerging players on ISAs, with deliberate and different approaches

Income-share agreements are drawing attention from lawmakers, although relatively few students so far have signed up for the loan alternative. Two organizations with markedly different approaches are looking to change that.

Lamar Alexander considers offering scaled-back Higher Education Act tied to HBCU funding

Senate GOP leader mulls piecemeal update to Higher Education Act tied to HBCU funding, which could include short-term Pell, student data, FAFSA simplification and lifting prison Pell ban. But plan might be tough sell for Democrats.

DeVos imposes tougher debt relief standards for student borrowers alleging fraud

The Trump administration's final borrower-defense regulations -- a key part of new approach to college accountability -- cut billions in potential loan relief for students who allege they were defrauded.

As debate over short-term Pell unfolds, for-profits on the sidelines

For-profit colleges were shut out of proposed legislation to expand Pell Grants to short-term programs. They’ve offered little pushback so far, though -- a sign the sector is focused on other legislative concerns.

Warren introduces debt relief legislation, drawing contrast with Sanders

Democratic presidential contender Elizabeth Warren unveils details of a debt cancellation bill, making the case for a more targeted approach than legislation offered by rival Bernie Sanders.

Presidential hopefuls get behind Pell Grants in prisons

Most candidates seeking Democratic nomination support repealing ban on federal aid for incarcerated students. One of the few exceptions? Joe Biden, author of the crime law that enacted the ban.

Trump administration issues proposal to loosen standards for college accreditors

Trump administration seeks overhaul of federal standards for college accreditors, arguing current rules stifle innovation. But critics say proposed changes water down oversight.

Warren plan puts spotlight on racial disparities in student debt

Massachusetts Democrat’s student debt forgiveness plan explicitly addresses racial disparities in student debt, an unusual step for a presidential campaign proposal.


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