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Virginia governor seeks to cap use of tuition revenue for financial aid

Virginia governor challenges a centuries-old tradition of using tuition revenue from wealthier students as financial aid for other students.

UC system weighs shift in tuition payments to after graduation

Proposal being weighed by University of California to shift student payments to after graduation and tie them to income would be a dramatic change in how education is financed.

Delayed state payments cause headaches for Illinois public universities

For three years, Illinois has delayed payments to public colleges, presenting a different sort of budgeting problem for administrators.

Higher education proposals included in State of the Union

In State of the Union speech, Obama calls for keeping student loan interest rates low and warns colleges to stop raising tuition -- or risk losing federal support.

Gingrich puts forward higher ed ideas in 2012 campaign

Republican front-runner Newt Gingrich is unique in the field for his academic past -- and for some of the ideas he has put forward.

No movement on PROSPER Act after GOP vote count

GOP leaders quiet on next step for PROSPER Act after gauging member support this week, suggesting little chance of floor vote soon on House Republicans' bid to overhaul Higher Education Act.

GOP lawmaker and former community college leader weighs in on the endowment tax

A Republican member of the House education committee and former two-year-college leader explains why he wants to repeal the college endowment tax and also describes where higher education is falling short.

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