Arizona State sees some early adaptive courseware success

Arizona State has seen some early success implementing adaptive courseware in algebra classes.

Stanford professor goes public on attacks over her math education research


Stanford professor goes public on attacks she has received over her work on mathematics education, and raises the question of the difference between "responsible disagreement and academic bullying."


Report: Robots stack up to human professors in teaching Intro Stats

Machine Learning

In a study spanning six public universities, students taught statistics mainly through software learned as much as peers taught primarily by humans. And the robots got the job done quicker.

How could MITx change MIT?

Several weeks into MIT's massive open online teaching experiment, faculty ponder how it could change the university.


Major publisher bends under pressure from frustrated scholars

Scholarly Communications

As a boycott against its journals gains momentum, a prominent scholarly publisher folds support for anti-open-access bill and offers concessions to angry mathematicians.

A machine can now do college-level math

An MIT team’s artificial intelligence, which can solve and explain problems in seconds, could help professors create content and assist with tutoring students. But some see subpar explanations and new ways for students to cheat.

A composed image of mathematical equations overlaid on a keyboard.

Undergraduates produce usable data for scientists

Roosevelt University undergraduates engaged in a community science project that produced usable data for scientists at Chicago’s Field Museum.

A student in an arboretum stands in front of a variety of leafy green plants.

Community College Innovation Challenge (CCIC)

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