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Senate votes to defund political science research, save tuition assistance in budget bill

Senate votes to ban federal funding for most political science research and to restore tuition assistance to active-duty service members.

Fiscal cliff deal averts across-the-board spending cuts

A last-minute deal in Congress puts off mandatory spending cuts for two months and extends a tax break for college tuition.

Despite student debt concern, income-based repayment lags

Despite ever-growing concern about student debt, enrollment lags in federal government programs that tie loan repayment to borrowers' income.

Timeliness in mind, Princeton press plans to roll out new book in e-chapters

In an attempt to be more timely and relevant, Princeton plans to publish early chapters of forthcoming book on 2012 election in electronic form, free.

House passes bill to bar spending on political science research

House-passed bill, driven by concerns about “meritless” research, would bar National Science Foundation from spending funds on political science research.




Santorum's views and history on higher education


He questions whether higher ed is necessary for everyone, and calls colleges godless, but in the Senate, the candidate had a history of supporting colleges.


One Health Seminar Series Presents 'Climate Change - The Benefits of Doing Something vs. Doing Nothing'

Wed, 12/04/2019


700 E. Butler Ave. Delaware Valley University Life Sciences Building Auditorium
18901 Doylestown , Pennsylvania
United States
Pennsylvania US


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