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Working adults increasingly interested in postsecondary education but more skeptical about its value

Working adults increasingly are interested in pursuing postsecondary education, but they are also less confident about the value of college.

State politics influenced college reopening plans, data show

New analysis found that a college's reopening decision for the fall term is tied to the red or blue shade of its state, even if political pressure may not be direct.

Interest spikes in short-term, online credentials. Will it be sustained?

Interest is growing in short-term, online credentials amid the pandemic. Will they become viable alternative pathways to well-paying jobs?

Colleges point fingers at students for partying, spreading COVID-19

Shame and fear aren't the best motivators for public health campaigns, experts say. But colleges take that approach amid COVID-19 outbreaks as campuses reopen.

Michigan State scraps in-person undergraduate classes for fall, Notre Dame suspends for 2 weeks

Notre Dame suspends in-person classes for two weeks amid rising case counts. Michigan State calls off in-person instruction for the fall, less than two weeks before students were to return to campus.

Harvard, USC tell new international students not to come

Two universities tell new international students not to come to U.S. to take classes remotely, as higher ed groups lobby for greater clarity -- and flexibility -- on federal policy for new students from abroad.

College football players test positive for virus as HBCUs cancel four games

Four games set to feature historically black colleges are canceled, and positive tests spread to many major university programs as players return.

Questions remain over whether colleges should be protected from coronavirus lawsuits

Colleges ask to be protected from coronavirus lawsuits if they acted responsibly. What should they be doing to protect students, faculty and staff members?

New recession sets stage for abuses by for-profits, critics fear

The last recession brought overaggressive recruitment of students by bad actors among for-profit colleges, and some worry about a repeat in this economic downturn.

Senate committee was close to a deal on higher ed; then came the pandemic

Top Republican Senate aide says lawmakers were close to a deal to update the nation's main higher education law. Then the pandemic put everything on hold.


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