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Community college looks abroad and to faith groups to boost enrollment

Community college in New York is betting on partnerships with other countries and local faith organizations to increase its sagging enrollment.

Georgia Southern student promotes white supremacist theory in class

Georgia Southern freshman promotes white supremacist ideology in a class presentation. The university says the presentation falls within his free speech rights. Now students of color say they feel unsafe because of his protected speech.

Completion rates still rising, new data show, but at slower pace

The latest report from the National Student Clearinghouse finds completion rates still rising across all sectors in higher education, but with a slowing pace.

Texas college thinks it has cracked the code for high-demand health-care fields

The College of Health Care Professions, a for-profit in Texas, has solid outcomes for low-income students in health-care fields. How does the model work?

Georgia's public colleges soon will be offering a new form of two-year degree

Colleges in the University System of Georgia will soon offer a new credential similar to an associate degree, featuring a flexible curriculum and specific workforce skills.

Addressing food insecurity through social enterprise

Los Angeles-based Everytable takes on campus food insecurity with healthy meals, SmartFridges and donations.

Conference highlights successes in developmental education reform

Researchers and higher education professionals discuss how far reforms to developmental education have come -- and how far they have to go.

Free education helps FedEx keep employees

To slow turnover at its hubs, FedEx Express partnered with the University of Memphis to front the cost of a bachelor's degree. Some question whether this partnership results in real education for employees.

Alexander backs bill to count veterans' benefits toward for-profits' federal revenue limit

Senator Alexander backs a bill aimed at recruiting of student veterans by for-profits, a compromise amid negotiations with Democrats over his proposed package of higher education bills.

Private colleges convinced company to scuttle release of list of projected college closures

A college advising company planned to release a list projecting when specific private colleges could run out of money and close, but pushback from the sector convinced the company to scuttle its plan.


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