Professors’ op-ed rails against modern culture, ‘inner-city blacks’

Essay by law professors at Penn and San Diego asserts that “all cultures are not equal,” decries modern culture, birth control, “inner-city blacks” and “anti-assimilation” Latino immigrants. Many at Penn are demanding the university speak out.


U of Oregon suspends professor who wore blackface to party


University of Oregon suspends faculty member while investigating her conduct at a Halloween party. Many of her colleagues demand she resign. Legally, can she be sanctioned?


U of Tennessee investigating a professor and popular conservative blogger for tweeting that drivers should "run down" protesters in North Carolina

U of Tennessee investigates professor and popular conservative blogger for tweeting that drivers should "run down" protesters in North Carolina.


Study examines bystander behavior in cyberbullying cases

A study on bystander behavior and cyberbullying raises questions about student behavior in large online courses.

A professor fails his entire class and his university intervenes

Professor at Texas A&M at Galveston was so frustrated with students' performance that he told them he wouldn't pass anyone and that he was done with them. Administrators had other ideas.


Accreditation snag delays Yale U.'s hybrid physician assistant program

Yale U.'s hybrid physician assistant program hits an accreditation snag -- a win for critics who have wanted the program to be evaluated as a stand-alone offering.

Unusual sexual harassment case at Northwestern U. brings out advocates of student indemnification

Unusual sexual harassment lawsuit at Northwestern U., in which a professor is suing a former graduate student who accused him of assault, has sparked debate about student indemnification policies.


Reports raise questions about discounts and non-need-based aid at law and medical schools

Is use of non-need-based aid educationally sound? Does it create financial vulnerabilities for the schools? Questions asked about undergraduate admissions are showing up in professional admissions as well.

Georgetown and Northwestern law schools announce they will accept GRE, not just LSAT


Georgetown and Northwestern announce they will accept GRE, not just LSAT. But ABA may move in ways that limit the option and that some fear would impede diversity efforts.



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