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Piedmont provost resigns over 'unethical' budget cuts

Piedmont University provost Daniel Silber resigned abruptly this week to protest proposed budget cuts and faculty layoffs, which he called “morally wrong.”


Celebrating an all-female executive leadership team

Even as men still occupy more of the top roles in higher education, the Community College of Denver breaks from the norm with an all-female executive leadership team.


Federal data show proportion of instructors who work full-time is rising

Federal data show proportion of all instructors who work full-time is rising, even as total faculty workforce contracts slightly.


Conference highlights successes in developmental education reform

Researchers and higher education professionals discuss how far reforms to developmental education have come -- and how far they have to go.


New data track graduates of six popular majors through their first three jobs

New data on the first three jobs held by graduates of six popular majors show career pathways are a swirl rather than a straight line, and that college degrees typically do create a foundation for entering the workforce.


University of St. Thomas kicked out of sports league after winning too many games

University of St. Thomas's separation from its conference -- for too much success -- has reinforced the disparities in wealth and size among Division III institutions.


New research finds discrepancies in estimates of food insecurity among college students

New research finds that while food insecurity among college students is a serious problem, studies on the issue may not provide accurate estimates of its magnitude.


National Science Foundation's experiment on federal career trajectories

The federal agency is conducting a two-phase experiment to design tools to better understand career trajectories of its employees and the rest of the federal work force.


UC Irvine coach under fire for antigay slur


In much of higher education, using a slur against a student in a televised event might result in more than just a slap on the wrist. Why is it different if the slur is a way to mock gay people and takes place during March Madness?


UW Whitewater chancellor resigns while the UW system investigates her husband

Wisconsin Whitewater's leader will be gone by end of year.



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