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Majority of Republicans have negative view of higher ed, Pew finds

Pew survey finds majority of Republicans continue to hold negative views of impact of higher ed -- a development that began before the election of President Trump.

Report finds student loans make up growing share of severely delinquent debt

A new report shows student loans outpacing other household debt among most severely delinquent loans.

As debate over short-term Pell unfolds, for-profits on the sidelines

For-profit colleges were shut out of proposed legislation to expand Pell Grants to short-term programs. They’ve offered little pushback so far, though -- a sign the sector is focused on other legislative concerns.

Democratic contenders push moderate debt relief plans in response to Warren, Sanders

The student debt relief plans from Democratic presidential contenders Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg offer targeted loan forgiveness, drawing contrast with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Title IX emerges as top obstacle to higher ed law deal

Resolving differences over sexual assault procedures, including requirements for live hearings, emerges as one of the biggest challenges for negotiating a reauthorization of the Higher Education Act.

Trump administration's regulatory overhaul wipes out shortcomings at troubled accreditor

Many regulatory changes sought by the Trump administration in an accreditation overhaul reflect shortcomings found at for-profit accreditor restored by Betsy DeVos.

Warren introduces debt relief legislation, drawing contrast with Sanders

Democratic presidential contender Elizabeth Warren unveils details of a debt cancellation bill, making the case for a more targeted approach than legislation offered by rival Bernie Sanders.

Full repeal of Pell ban in prisons top of mind at annual convening on Second Chance pilot

At an annual meeting of supporters of the Second Chance Pell pilot program, many attendees focused on full reinstatement of federal aid for incarcerated students.

Debate over proposed expansion of Pell Grants to short-term job training

Lawmakers consider expanding Pell Grants to short-term job training, with backing from community colleges and business groups, while critics question the payoff for short-term programs.

Democratic contenders draw contrasts on free college, student debt

In first debates of Democratic presidential primary, candidates outline contrasting visions on college affordability, student debt.


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