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Presidential hopefuls get behind Pell Grants in prisons

Most candidates seeking Democratic nomination support repealing ban on federal aid for incarcerated students. One of the few exceptions? Joe Biden, author of the crime law that enacted the ban.

Trump administration issues proposal to loosen standards for college accreditors

Trump administration seeks overhaul of federal standards for college accreditors, arguing current rules stifle innovation. But critics say proposed changes water down oversight.

Public higher education continues to feel pinch from Great Recession a decade later

States and the public colleges they fund continue to feel the economic downturn's effects, even after a decade of recovery, according to a new report that gives a sobering look at state funding.

Democrats take aim at student loan alternative and colleges that offer income-share agreements

Senator Elizabeth Warren and congressional Democrats question Trump administration's plans to back income-share agreements -- and demand answers from colleges offering the financing, too.

Updated College Scorecard puts spotlight on graduate student borrowing

New data from Education Department put spotlight on high borrowing for some graduate programs. But experts are skeptical more information on students alone will move the needle on enrollment decisions.

Some defrauded borrowers win in court as debt-relief claims pile up

As months pass without action by the Trump administration on loan-forgiveness claims, some borrowers who attended defunct for-profits find success clearing loan debt through the courts.

Warren plan puts spotlight on racial disparities in student debt

Massachusetts Democrat’s student debt forgiveness plan explicitly addresses racial disparities in student debt, an unusual step for a presidential campaign proposal.

Senate Democrat adds momentum to push for accountability for all colleges

Democrats are talking more about how failures happen across the higher education system, not just at for-profit colleges -- their traditional punching bag. So can they agree with Republicans on new standards for all colleges?

Jerry Falwell, a key Trump ally, falls short of big talk on free speech, critics say

Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr., among the most vocal supporters of the president's executive order, criticized for censorship of student journalists on his campus.

Looming White House executive actions on higher education may cover more than free speech

White House may be planning executive actions on program-level outcomes data and student loan risk sharing, as well as on free speech, perhaps around the release of its proposed budget next week.


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