U.S. mandates immediate public access for taxpayer-funded research

White House mandates free, immediate public access to government-funded research. Many open-access advocates celebrate the decision, but some scholars wonder who will fund the policy.

Illustration of a female figure using bolt cutters to cut a padlock on a large birdcage. Inside the cage is a lightbulb, illustrating the concept of knowledge.

Shopify sued by publishers alleging copyright violations

Five major textbook publishers band together in a lawsuit accusing e-commerce hub Shopify of enabling digital piracy.


'Inclusive access' takes off as model for college textbook sales

Hundreds of colleges are signing on to publishers’ programs, with apparent savings to students. Some applaud the movement, while others are skeptical.


Textbook publishers contemplate 'inclusive access' as business model of the future

Textbooks aren't selling like they used to, but a new business model that has led to increased access to course materials and lower costs at some universities is beginning to take shape.


Open-access mega-journal PLOS ONE continues to shrink

The world's largest scholarly journal, PLOS ONE, is seeing fewer and fewer researchers publish their work in it as the open-access publishing market evolves.


Digital badging spreads as more colleges use vendors to create alternative credentials


More colleges are issuing digital badges to help their students display skills to employers or graduate programs, and colleges are tapping vendor platforms to create a verified form of the alternative credentials.


Amid declining book sales, university presses search for new ways to measure success

Amid declining book sales, university presses search for new ways to measure success.


Critics protest handling of rights to hacktivist Aaron Swartz's writings

Decision to grant a publisher the right to print the writings of Aaron Swartz -- viewed by some as a martyr of the open-access movement -- sets off a debate about copyright.


Study finds huge increase in articles published by 'predatory' journals

Study suggests open-access journals with questionable peer-review and marketing processes now publish hundreds of thousands of articles a year, a huge jump in only a few years.

Academic, library and technology groups criticize new Elsevier sharing and hosting policy

A coalition of academic, library and technology associations criticizes Elsevier's new sharing and hosting policy, saying it undermines open-access initiatives.


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