A former ambassador to the Vatican moves to a new university after sexual harassment investigation

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After an investigation found he likely engaged in inappropriate conduct, a Catholic theologian and former ambassador to the Vatican moves from one Catholic university to another.

Monsters University explores the value of diversity in college settings

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"Monsters University," more than being a comment on higher education, is a film about the limits of hard work and the value of diversity. It’s also “Revenge of the Nerds” with brighter colors and more limbs.

Adjuncts at Lutheran university win right to unionize

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NLRB official, rejecting stance of Pacific Lutheran U., says non-tenure-track faculty members have right to vote on collective bargaining.

Luther Seminary makes deep cuts to faculty and staff amid tough times for theological schools

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Sudden, deep cuts at the largest Lutheran seminary illustrate the challenges facing theological schools across denominations.

Catholic college reverses course on covering contraception

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The Catholic college, which made headlines by eliminating the coverage for employees, changes course.

Seminary threatens to discipline professor for offending prospective students, donors

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Tennessee seminary told a tenured professor he was offending would-be contributors and should look for work elsewhere.

Catholic colleges worry as number of female presidents falls

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For decades, female presidents led the majority of Catholic colleges. But as women leaders have gained ground elsewhere, at Catholic colleges, they’re disappearing.

Davidson reconsidering requirement that president be Presbyterian

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Davidson is one of the few Presbyterian colleges that still require presidents to be members of the denomination. Now the college's board is studying that rule and may overturn it.

College officials discuss religious pluralism at AACU meeting

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Many faculty and staff are clearly interested in promoting religious pluralism. The question is, how? Some colleges are trying to figure it out.

Seminary apologizes for tweet of five white professors posing as gang members

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A: White religion professors, as Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary has learned.


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