Safety and security

How one college president made the call to move classes online

How rising COVID-19 cases convinced the Stanislaus State president to shift classes online just a week before the start of the semester.


Colleges cancel class due to poor air quality from California fires

Dozens of colleges in California have canceled classes, some through the Thanksgiving holiday.


UMBC students protest over sexual assault, university response

Students flood Maryland-Baltimore County administration building to demand new policies around campus sexual assault.


Campus police officers only in some cases equipped to deal with mental health crises, experts say

Only some college and university police officers are being trained to handle students' mental health crises, experts say.


More money for civil rights office comes as it narrows its investigative work


Department of Education has narrowed scope of civil rights inquiries -- a necessary step, it says, to deliver speedier resolutions to students and colleges. Some criticize changes, especially in light of new funding from Congress to support investigations.


California Supreme Court rules public colleges must protect students in education-related activities

California Supreme Court has determined public colleges in the state must warn and shield their students from potential violent acts. Experts say the ruling could have nationwide implications.


College police say recent incidents serve as reminder of dangers of the job

After killing of Wayne State officer and attack at Ohio State, campus police reflect on dangers of the job.


Student injures 11 people in knife, car attack at Ohio State

University police officer shoots and kills student who drove into a crowd and then started attacking people with a butcher knife.


Colleges sued by students for negligence turn to 'victim blaming' in defense

Saying victims are to blame, at least in part, for their sexual assaults is a legal tactic used by many colleges accused of negligence.


Few examples exist of armed civilians preventing mass shootings on campuses

That's the claim of concealed carry supporters, but the evidence is limited and clear examples are few and far between.


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