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Medical schools adapt to the Dobbs abortion decision

Medical students in states where abortion is criminalized are already facing restrictions to their education, with major implications for the future of reproductive health care.

A protester holds up a sign that says "Med students for choice" with a picture of a coat hanger in front of the Missouri statehouse, a white marble building with columns and a dome.

New Maine engineering college raises questions for faculty

A systemwide college for engineering and computer science aims to address the state’s shortage of skilled workers. But the effort has some faculty worried about the autonomy of their programs.

Students on the University of Southern Maine's Portland campus.

Universities ignore growing concern over Sci-Hub cyber risk

Warnings that Sci-Hub poses a cybersecurity threat to universities have intensified. But few institutions appear to be acting on them.


NSF moves forward plan to link funding to appropriate conduct, but the NIH says it's not ready to take that step

Two federal science agencies announce actions on harassment, to two very different reactions -- NSF moves forward with a plan to link funding to appropriate conduct, but NIH says it's not ready to take that step.


Talks of restoring earmarks promises a renewed debate within higher ed

Republican leaders talk about restoring path to federal funds without peer review. Grants were lucrative for many colleges, but critics said that merit was sacrificed.


Book dissects research fraud from an organizational level

Using a database of 750 cases of research fraud from around the world, professors examine fraud as a phenomenon, tracing its history and trajectory and looking at what can be done about it.


Cornell Tech officially opens campus on New York City's Roosevelt Island

Almost seven years after winning high-profile competition, Cornell Tech opens on Roosevelt Island, with 30 faculty members and almost 300 graduate students.


Editorial in 'Nature' sets off debate over building names and statues that honor racist scientists


As debate over statues and building names moves from Confederate generals to researchers, editorial in Nature receives intense backlash.


Professor who teaches Harvard's largest class says students should show up

A year after instructor of the university’s largest course said it was fine for students to watch videos instead of coming to class, he changes his mind.


Purdue to play key role in Infosys U.S. hiring and training push

University touts new deal to train for IT outsourcing firm’s U.S. hiring push, but faculty balk at lack of control over curriculum.



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