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Data show global nature of academic collaboration

More than half of all research papers published by academics in France and Britain now have at least one international co-author. Share lags in U.S.

Battle broadens over archives for scholars to share papers

Scholars feel pressure to remove their work from research-sharing platforms like and others, as publishers’ battle with ResearchGate rages on.

Emory revamps chemistry curriculum

Emory’s department revamps curriculum -- and moves away from the traditional model in U.S. higher education.

Follow-up to study on misconduct at academic field sites says clear rules of conduct and enforcement are needed

Study finds patterns of harassment and sexist treatment of scholars in far-flung locations that offer few of the protections of campuses.

Nobel winners share tips on their success

Winners share tips and the keys to their successes. Many cite luck as a factor.

ResearchGate bows to publisher pressure and removes some papers

The scholarly social media platform ResearchGate has reportedly started to take down large numbers of research papers shared in breach of copyright.


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