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STEM students fare better when professors don't just lecture, study finds

Students in science and math fields learn more and fail courses less when their instructors use methods other than lecturing, a massive study finds.

Survey suggests a smaller science-religion divide than many perceive

The divide between scientists and people of faith may be less clearcut than many imagine, in part because many scientists have religious faith, survey finds. But key differences remain, especially on evolution.

To get women on conference panels, they must be on panels that invite speakers, study finds


Study finds significant impact of having a female voice on the committees that put together scientific symposiums.

Study finds role of star scientist may be growing while role of top department is shrinking

Study suggests that, in science, influence of top departments (while strong) may be shrinking while role of top researchers may be increasing.

Lecturer's email about not calling off classes provokes discussion

Email from Berkeley lecturer to his students draws praise for his comments on the value of education -- and some criticism for his refusal to honor a picket line.

Outrage among women in science over how colleague was treated and censored


Many professors are outraged over an e-mail sent to an academic blogger and over the way Scientific American removed her post describing what happened.

With departments under threat for few majors, physicists say value isn't reflected in numbers

U. of Southern Maine is latest institution to consider closing its physics department. Are there disciplines whose lack of popularity with the masses shouldn't doom them?

Ball State University astronomy pick raises questions in light of on ongoing Creationism debate there

Some say astronomy professor Guillermo Gonzalez's anti-evolution views are far outside the mainstream and question his hire by Ball State. Others say deserves a shot. Either way, he'll be under scrutiny.

Florida Polytechnic U. to offer multi-year contracts, not tenure, to faculty


Florida's newest state university announces it will be the first without the traditional form of job security for academics.

California weighs its own open access plan

As the Obama administration continues to hash out its open access policy for federal research, California weighs its own for state-funded research and development.


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