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Trinity of Connecticut clears Johnny Williams of wrongdoing, but he remains on leave -- now voluntary

Trinity of Connecticut clears Johnny Williams of wrongdoing, but he remains on leave -- now voluntary -- as his supporters say college needs to apologize for criticizing him over use of racially charged hashtag.

AAUP: Spalding U fired tenured professor for asking why it hadn't notified minority professors of possible threat from armed student

At Spalding U, a white faculty member complained that nonwhite colleagues were left out of warnings that they could have been in danger. AAUP objects to the university's response: firing the professor who complained.

Communication professor establishes rules with his students on talking about Trump in class

Communication professor establishes ground rules for political conversations with his students in class. Could they be useful to other academics struggling with how to encourage productive conversations about the president, while not losing control of the syllabus?

Middlebury engages in soul-searching after speech is shouted down and professor is attacked

New details on shouting down of a speaker add to the soul-searching: professor was attacked after event; nonstudents were among those involved; president vows to promote value of free expression.

Middlebury students shout down lecture by Charles Murray

Middlebury students chant and shout to prevent Charles Murray from speaking. He later is led to a private location, where a discussion with a professor is livestreamed. After the event some attack car carrying Murray and a professor.

One of the most liberal-minded disciplines plots its course under the new administration

Anthropology -- where the work of researchers is often at odds with the priorities of the Trump White House -- tries to figure out how to maneuver.

Liberal arts students' fears about the job market upon graduation are increasingly informing what they choose to study, even as electives

At colleges proud of attracting students who want a broad-based, non-vocational education, numbers of majors in arts and humanities are falling.


Orange Coast College suspends student who secretly videotaped professor's anti-Trump comments that later went viral

Orange Coast College suspends student who secretly and in violation of college rules videotaped professor's anti-Trump comments, which later went viral.

U of Chicago debates whether Corey Lewandowski should speak -- and whether reporters should be barred

University faces criticism for appearance by Corey Lewandowski, former Trump campaign manager, and also for keeping journalists out of the room while he talks.

Research on midcareer professors makes case for support after tenure

Research to be presented at AAC&U makes case for supporting these faculty members and pushes back against notions that posttenure professors suffer from “malaise.”


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