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'The Great Eight' set record for black doctorates at Indiana University


Eight African-American women finish doctorates in education simultaneously this year at Indiana U. They created a "sister circle" for support.

Tweet by political science group angers many women in the field

They want to know why article on international nongovernmental organizations was illustrated with a photograph of a young Asian woman.

U of Kansas professor cleared to teach after controversy over discussion of race


U of Kansas lifts suspension of faculty member whose comments angered black students and others, who demanded she be fired.

Speech at Virginia Tech renews debate over 'The Bell Curve,' race and academic freedom

The book and a planned appearance at Virginia Tech by one of its authors set off a debate over race, academic freedom and the role of a university president.

Sexist joke leads to debate and 118 resignations on academic Listserv of planning and geography


Online group of scholars of planning and geography divided over one professor’s sexist humor – and how others reacted to it.

More than 1,000 Turkish scholars are under criminal investigation for signing a petition


Turkish scholars describe a growing intolerance for dissent.

Wheaton in Illinois and professor it moved to fire reach agreement for her to resign

Wheaton of Illinois and professor it tried to fire over her statements about God reach deal under which she will leave.

Florida governor wants to know why all psychology majors aren't employed

Florida's governor has called public university presidents to a meeting to ask why they can't be sure graduates in their most popular majors will all be employed. His prime target is psychology.

Florida Atlantic moves to fire Sandy Hook denier

Florida Atlantic acts after parents of a boy killed in the Newtown, Conn., tragedy accuse institution of ignoring damage caused by a conspiracy theorist on its faculty.

Academic at center of Yale controversy over Halloween costumes won't teach there again


Woman who sent controversial email about Halloween costumes -- and faced uproar over it -- decides to stop teaching at Yale University.


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