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Survey examines higher education backgrounds of leaders worldwide

New global survey of those in positions of influence finds that 44 percent have a degree in social sciences. Another 11 percent studied humanities.

Duke professor's comments on black students anger many


After a week of debate over a Boston U professor's generalizations about white students, anger grows over what a Duke professor wrote about black students' names, dating and more.

Professor at center of debate over her tweet on white male students expresses regret


Professor whose comment on white male students set off viral debate wishes her statements had "nuance and complexity" and pledges "inclusive learning environment."

Study analyzes when women win teaching awards in political science

Study finds that women in political science are likelier than men to be honored for teaching. But does this help them get ahead?

Almost no education research is replicated, new article shows

New analysis finds that education researchers, unlike scholars in many other disciplines, don't check one another's work.


#MassiveTeaching mystery captivates, confuses


A social experiment gone wrong? A protest against Facebook? Performance art? Twitter sleuths attempt to figure out why a Coursera MOOC derailed after one week. UPDATE: The professor speaks.

House passes NSF funding bill that takes slap at social sciences

U.S. House passes funding bill that would increase overall support for NSF, but send a message of disdain for some social science research.

Cal State LA faculty split on changing diversity requirement


Cal State Los Angeles professors vote to require all students to take a course in race or ethnicity, but fail to adopt proposal that course be taught in ethnic studies department.


Economics department to proctor exams as adherence to honor code wanes

As students' adherence to the Middlebury honor code wanes, the entire economics department will start proctoring exams to catch cheaters.

Study examines impact of major vs. impact of college prestige on women's earnings

For women, and especially disadvantaged women, what they study may be more important than where they study -- if they aspire to close the pay gap with men.


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