Sociology / behavioral studies

Sociology job market shows signs of health

Number of faculty job openings posted in 2011 was nearly as high as 2008 total.

Scholars must make their work more available and accessible (essay)

To improve our reach, academics must make our writings both more available and public-friendlier, writes Nathan Jurgenson.

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Student Created College Poker Site Causes Concern

Arizona State student thinks he may have created a safe alternative to online gambling sites. Some gaming experts aren't so sure.


Booting Down

Students might not be the "multitasking slackers" some believe them to be, according to a new study.

Sociology in the Storms

Social scientists who study disaster have seen their field expand dramatically in recent years, and new earthquakes and hurricanes offer new material for research.

Sociologists in Sin City

Some scholars reveled, while others were revolted by the unlikely setting for a large disciplinary meeting.

What Role for Sociology?

Discipline sets out to define its contributions to general education and acknowledges it must do a better job of demonstrating them.

Picking on Social Science

House Republicans invite scrutiny of federal funding for social and behavioral sciences. Is anyone biting?


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