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Yale University sued over fraternity culture, and plaintiffs demand coeducation

A lawsuit alleging rampant sexual misconduct among Yale's Greek chapters has demanded they admit women.

West Virginia U warns students, parents about rogue fraternities

West Virginia University president E. Gordon Gee warns parents against fraternity chapters that say they will disaffiliate from the institution after new rules on Greek life.

Confusion surrounds student voting effort linked to White House


A new initiative designed to challenge colleges to get students involved in the democratic process is questioned for perceived ties to the White House.

U of California at San Diego's student government pulls funding for all student publications

After a controversial humor magazine was denounced by University of California at San Diego administrators, the student government voted to stop funding all student media.

Can colleges build students' cultural capital? And should they?

Academic and student affairs officers discuss their responsibilities to help first-generation students overcome deficits in exposure to arts and culture -- and the pros and cons of requirements.

University of Colorado plan to survey political climate draws mixed reactions

University of Colorado board votes to survey state of political diversity, with focus on Boulder campus. Will the responses help anyone?

Graduate students and faculty at U. of Minnesota pilot new, ongoing program review process

Seeking to supplement traditional forms of graduate program assessment, U. of Minnesota pilots an approach that asks key questions about students' needs and goals.

Colleges help students deal with state voter ID laws


With the election approaching, colleges in states with strict voter ID laws are doing what they can to get students the information they need.

Ohio State student newspaper The Lantern contracts with Gannett

Gannett will run business and advertising at Ohio State's student newspaper. The university says the deal will allow it to focus more on journalism education, but some students and advisers are concerned.

Romney unveils higher education platform

The presumptive Republican nominee proposes loosening regulations on for-profit colleges, returning to bank-based student lending and consolidating federal grant programs.


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