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Racism fuels poor mental health outcomes for Black students


Black students continuously experience, fight against and bear emotional scars from racism, which can lead to increased anxiety and poor mental health outcomes. Some colleges are just starting to address these issues.

Missouri Valley College students fear being on campus

Missouri Valley College students with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression want to attend classes fully online to cope with the pandemic. College officials say the students aren't eligible for such accommodations. Experts say the students are legally entitled to them. 

Successful and popular Fresno State policy debate coach reassigned

After the coach of the nationally acclaimed debate team at California State University, Fresno, was unexpectedly reassigned last fall, members of the team quit in protest. Coaches at other colleges and leaders of national debate organizations have come to his defense.

Teletherapy platforms extend reach of college counseling centers

College counseling centers are increasingly relying on platforms that provide virtual therapy services to continue helping students cope with mental health issues during the pandemic and beyond.

Students in great need of mental health support during pandemic

A mountain of troubling data about rising mental health problems has health advocates and providers worried about the need for additional support for struggling students and the ability of colleges to provide it.

State politics influenced college reopening plans, data show

New analysis found that a college's reopening decision for the fall term is tied to the red or blue shade of its state, even if political pressure may not be direct.

Colleges point fingers at students for partying, spreading COVID-19

Shame and fear aren't the best motivators for public health campaigns, experts say. But colleges take that approach amid COVID-19 outbreaks as campuses reopen.

College football players test positive for virus as HBCUs cancel four games

Four games set to feature historically black colleges are canceled, and positive tests spread to many major university programs as players return.

House Dems propose billions for states and colleges, but Republicans oppose bill

House Democrats unveil a $3 trillion proposal, including tens of billions for colleges. But Senate Republicans say, "It's not going anywhere."

Appeals court holds university liable for ineffective Title IX policies

A federal appeals court's decision in California puts pressure on institutions to ensure Title IX policies and procedures effectively prevent sexual misconduct.


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