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Where was the class of 2015 six months after graduation?

Six months after graduation, the majority of graduates from the class of 2015 found jobs or returned for more education.

Baylor University regents fire head football coach; Ken Starr steps aside

Ken Starr resigns as president. University fires football coach. Analysis released by institution finds numerous cases in which it mishandled sexual violence involving football players.

For Arkansas single parents, a scholarship that helps pay for living expenses


As a model for a federal initiative, she points to a program she helped start in Arkansas.

SUNY Buffalo boosts graduation rates with 'Finish in 4' pledge

The State University of New York at Buffalo has made big gains on its graduation rates, thanks in part to a "Finish in 4" pledge that features real commitments by students and the university alike.

Northwestern joins Harvard in urging exclusive clubs to open up their membership


Colleges are asking if there's still a place on campus for student groups with limits on who may join.

Q&A with author of new book on how parenting affects student outcomes

Author of a new book on how family matters for college women's success argues that four-year public institutions are increasingly dependent on active -- and wealthy -- parents, and that can harm students with less-involved parents.

Professors urge Department of Education to revise sexual assault guidance

Law professors issue joint letter saying Education Department guidance to colleges goes too far and poses risks to the rights of accused and of institutions.

Minority students at U of Kansas create parallel student government


Frustrated by what they view as the system's lack of commitment to addressing their concerns, minority students at the University of Kansas are forming a parallel student government.

Student protests this year broaden beyond issues of race


Race is still a prominent issue in this semester's rallies and sit-ins, but students are also pushing issues related to campus employees, foreign policy, state laws on sexual orientation and more -- and linking the various topics.

U of Wisconsin student pulled from class, arrested for anti-racist graffiti


U of Wisconsin police pull black student from class to arrest him for allegedly spray-painting anti-racist messages across campus, prompting criticism that university cares more about graffiti than bigotry.


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