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Bradley University forgoes guest commencement speakers

Bradley U announces it will no longer have outside commencement speakers. Leaders hope to avoid controversy, cut costs and keep everyone awake.

Graduation gap between black, white students at public colleges widens, despite overall gains


Public colleges are increasing students' overall graduation rates, but a study finds the gap between black and white students continues to widen.

Harvard's report condemning all-male organizations is in rare company

Harvard singled out its final clubs as especially dangerous places for women. Victims’ advocates and researchers argue more colleges should take a similarly hard look at fraternities.

Trump used as taunt against students and minority groups


A trend that started in high schools -- using the candidate's name to insult groups of students -- has spread to higher education. Experts expect the national political divisiveness to extend to campuses.

Student goes public after alleged rapist was assigned 500-word paper as punishment

Student goes public with details on alleged rapist at Gustavus Adolphus, renewing debate over whether respecting privacy lets colleges get away with wrist slapping instead of expulsions.

Students demand more minority advisers, counselors


A common demand of minority student protests is more minority counselors in a range of student service departments. Is this wise or does it promote segregation?

Outbreaks of norovirus hit college campuses around the country

Outbreaks of norovirus and mumps hit college campuses around the country.

Student protests and university cancellations follow Milo Yiannopoulos speaking tour

Even the name of this man's speaking tour is inflammatory -- certainly a no-go during prime time -- and students are interrupting his appearances, accusing him of being sexist and promoting rape culture. Meet Milo Yiannopoulos.

Survey finds nearly 1 in 10 freshmen plan on participating in campus protests


Annual survey of incoming college freshmen finds interest in student activism at all-time high, especially among black students.

Sexual assault allegation shakes student conduct group

President-elect of organization of officials who play key roles in Title IX cases accuses her predecessor of sexual misconduct.


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