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Penn administrator, after claiming Ph.D. he didn't have, loses job

A University of Pennsylvania student affairs administrator loses his job over false claim he had a Ph.D.

Young Republican voters flock to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump


While Bernie Sanders, as expected, captured the younger Democratic electorate, such voters were also key for Ted Cruz on the Republican side. Donald Trump has built a student base as well.

U of Connecticut creates new living-learning center for black male students


UConn creates new living and learning space for African-American male students. Some see overdue attention to this group's needs. Others see segregation.

Temple U offers grant in exchange for students agreeing to work less, study more

Temple hopes students will graduate earlier if they receive grants that limit them to working no more than 15 hours per week off campus.

Furor over holiday party advice at U of Tennessee grows there and spreads


U of Tennessee's advice on holiday parties sets off major political debate in the state, and criticism is spreading to other institutions. Some see a broader attack on diversity efforts.

Claremont McKenna dean resigns amid protests over race

Claremont McKenna dean of students resigns amid protests over comments on race and campus climate.

More students punished over sexual assault are winning lawsuits against colleges

Students suspended or expelled over allegations of sexual assault rarely succeed in lawsuits against the institutions that punished them. That's starting to change.

U of Kansas rejects rule change that would prevent fraternities from recruiting high schoolers

University of Kansas rejects a sexual assault panel's recommendations that would change how fraternities and sororities woo new members, saying any rule changes are up to the students.

Appeals court finds Georgia State psychologists didn't have First Amendment right to complain about boss

Federal appeals court finds memo from Georgia State psychologists criticizing management of counseling center had no First Amendment protection.

Survey finds big differences between black HBCU graduates, those who attended other institutions

New Gallup-Purdue University report says black students are more likely to feel supported and be engaged in work after graduation if they attend historically black colleges and universities.


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