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Survey finds big differences between black HBCU graduates, those who attended other institutions

New Gallup-Purdue University report says black students are more likely to feel supported and be engaged in work after graduation if they attend historically black colleges and universities.

Williams students revoke invitation to speaker who criticizes feminism

Alumni fund speakers who represent views that may make students uncomfortable. Did Suzanne Venker fit that category too well?

Oregon community college is site of third-worst mass shooting at a college campus

At least 10 die and seven more are injured in shooting at Oregon's Umpqua Community College. It was the third-deadliest mass shooting ever at a college campus.

Half of college graduates say college is worth cost, survey finds

New data from Gallup-Purdue survey find only half of alumni "strongly agree" that college is worth what they spent. Students with experiential learning opportunities and supportive professors were more likely to agree.

1 in 4 transgender students say they have been sexually assaulted, survey finds

Same survey that found high rates of female students reporting sexual assault finds that nearly a quarter of transgender students experience some form of sexual violence while in college.

Feds Say UVa Mishandled Sexual Violence Cases

Federal agency says the University of Virginia -- a focal point in the debate over campus sexual assault -- responded inadequately to reports of sexual misconduct, including some involving fraternities, and faulted a dean's public comments.

U of Tennessee withdraws guide to pronouns preferred by some transgender people

U of Tennessee, facing political backlash, removes guide to language choices that many transgender people prefer and promises review by system leaders before any future guide is issued.

Survey: 5 percent of Kentucky students assaulted in past year

U of Kentucky did survey in which 80 percent of the student body participated and the definition of sexual assault was much more narrow than that used elsewhere. The finding: a significant number, but far lower than on other campuses, reporting assaults.

First batch of Tennessee Promise students kick off academic year

Tennessee is enrolling far more community college students than had been expected in program that is model for Obama proposal.

Henderson State students say rule barring sagging pants targets black students

Henderson State University bars pants that fall too far below the waist. Students say the rule is unfair to African-Americans.


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