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Colleges announce commencement speakers

Author discusses new book about transgender college students

Author discusses new book about a part of the student population pushing for more support -- and facing a backlash in some states.

Tens of thousands of college students and professors march in Washington

Tens of thousands of students and academics join Women’s March on Washington.

Shooting at U of Washington as tensions grow over Milo Yiannopoulos speeches


Violence at University of Washington appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos followed protests that prevented a speech at UC Davis -- as tensions grow over Breitbart writer known for insults against feminists, minority groups and others.

College Republicans react to Trump inauguration

College Republicans split over Trump, but many are now coming around and pledging to support the new president.

Fordham denies student Palestinian rights group approval for being too polarizing

Fordham refuses to recognize Students for Justice in Palestine chapter as an official club, citing its political agenda and the risk of polarization.

Colleges struggle to provide ongoing treatment as demands for mental health services increases


Survey suggests that increasing student demand for mental health services -- spurred by prevention and awareness campaigns -- may be leading colleges to focus less on ongoing treatment in order to respond more rapidly to high-risk students.

Some colleges planning alternative events for Inauguration Day

Some colleges are planning events for students and faculty members who want to be together on Jan. 20, but not to celebrate.

University of Southern California creates new Center on Race and Equity


The University of Southern California will bring the University of Pennsylvania's Shaun Harper to campus, as well as several of Penn's initiatives, with big plans for a nationwide campus climate survey.

Marist faces backlash over agreeing to appear in Trump's inaugural parade

Marist, Olivet Nazarene and Talladega all face criticism for sending their bands.


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