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Student Veterans and Sept. 11

At one community college, students who served in wartime remember their past -- and look to the future.

Med Students' Own Mental Health Care

A study published Tuesday paints a grim picture of America’s increasingly stressed medical students, in what researchers say they hope will be a “wake-up call” to the nation’s medical schools and health care policy makers.

The study, led by the Cambridge Health Alliance, a hospital system near Boston, includes data from 115 of the nation’s medical schools, looking specifically at what type of health insurance they offer to students with mental health and substance abuse problems.

Family Dinners, on Campus

Southern Vermont's experiment connects local families with student "conversationalists" in dining halls to try to improve student retention and build ties to community.

Who Misuses Prescription Drugs?

Research links ADHD and other psychological characteristics to greater abuse by students.

Path to Transfer

Mount Holyoke College works to boost number of community college transfers, achieving unusual success for a liberal arts college.

Stressed, Yet Hopeful

Though new freshmen reported record-low levels of emotional health in an annual survey, they're more driven than ever and more optimistic than they've been in three decades.

How Class Dictates Delay

A forthcoming study aims to clarify that -- contrary to popular portrayals -- most students who delay college are less well-off than their peers and face obstacles stemming from academics, wealth and family matters.

Gift Horse or a Good Idea?

Gambling industry's charitable arm urges colleges to write formal policies that encourage "responsible gaming" on campus -- and offers to show them how.


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