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Civic learning important for nontraditional students too, officials say

More community and commuter colleges are striving to get students involved in civic engagement projects and courses, which have traditionally thrived at residential campuses.

Maryland lawsuit over captioning for deaf not unique, likely won't be the last

Maryland is not the first university to be sued over its lack of captioning on scoreboards for deaf attendees at athletic events, nor is it the only campus to lack such an accommodation, experts say.

How boys' and girls' choice of high school affects the college gender gap

Differences in the types of high schools boys and girls attend may contribute to the college gender gap, study suggests.

Idaho will expel low-performing students as part of alcohol prevention plan

University of Idaho ups the stakes -- to expulsion -- for students with exceptionally low grades.

Officials skeptical that unpaid intern lawsuits will affect higher education

Despite all the hoopla about a recent court victory for unpaid interns, the case's significance for colleges may be limited.

Settlements put colleges' duty to ensure blind students access to materials under new scrutiny

Colleges' responsibility to ensure that blind students have equitable access have become much more clear with a trio of recent settlements; exactly how to meet those obligations is less certain.

Swarthmore actions on sexual assault likely to help OCR case

Heeding outside review, Swarthmore will improve sexual assault prevention and response, even as federal officials investigate a Title IX complaint there.

College grads less engaged in work than those with less education, survey finds

Bachelor's-degree holders are less likely to be involved in and enthusiastic about their work than people with more or less education, survey finds.


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