The Game Your Future Students Will Play

January 10, 2005

Big news in the gaming world is that Sims is coming out with a "University" game. Sims is a dollhouse-like computer game in which people (tons of high schoolers and I hear many responsible adults as well) control the fates of characters in family life, career, civic life, etc.

Players in Sims 2 University (due out in the spring) will pick majors, track grades, and decide on dormitories vs. Greek life for their "students," who the product's manufacters say will be programmed with "college based fears and wants." Some pictures of the new game have made their way online. The Sims students will also have to pay tuition (or virtual tuition or something) either through work or through "riskier affairs."

This all may sound silly, but Felicity defined what college should be for thousands of high school students a few years back and if the WB can do that, what might a computer game do for a new generation?

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