Modest Increases

The average salary for a full-time faculty member at a community college is just over $52,134 this academic year, up from $50,998 a year ago.
May 6, 2005

Full-time community college faculty members are making only a little more money than they did last year, according to new data from the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources.

The average full-time faculty member earned $52,134 in 2004-5, up from $50,998 the previous year. CUPA and the American Association of University Professors are the main sources of faculty salary data, and they collect data in different ways. The AAUP recently released this year's data and found an average salary of $52,862.

CUPA did not release much detail about its survey, and it does not provide institution-by-institution averages, as the AAUP does.

But CUPA asked the colleges in its survey to identify "the primary basis for determining compensation" for full-time faculty members. The results indicate much more of an emphasis on degrees attained than on factors commonly emphasized at four-year institutions.

The following are the top priorities and the percentage of colleges identifying them:

  • Level of education: 51.1%
  • Academic rank: 23.4%
  • Academic discipline: 3.4%
  • Academic discipline and rank: 5.1%
  • Other: 17%

An executive summary of the CUPA report and information on ordering the full report may be found at the organization's Web site.


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