Quick Takes: BU Fires Prof Over 'Hot' Comment, Belarus Kicks Out American Scholar, NCAA Action on Amateurism and Gambling

July 20, 2005
  • Boston University has fired a part-time journalism professor for describing one of his students as "incredibly hot" in a posting on a Web site, the Associated Press reported.
  • Belarus has expelled Tony Boesch, an American professor who had been teaching business and law at Belarusian State University, according to Radio Free Europe. The network reported that Boesch had ties to civil liberties groups in the country and had spent much of his time organizing cultural and educational exchanges.
  • The National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division I and II Management Councils have taken  the initial steps tow ard legislation that would create a centralized clearinghouse to certify that incoming athletes qualify under the association's amateurism rules, theNCAA announced Tuesday. The association also said that its Task Force on Sports Wagering had offered a set of recommendations aimed at reining in gambling in collegiate and professional sports. Among the proposals: reestablishing the association's ties to gambling interests in Las Vegas,so that its officials might have access to better information about particular games that seem to be drawing intense interest from gamblers, which might signal the involvement of officials or players.
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