Quick Takes: Hoops Scandal Claims President in Kansas, College Paper Retains Independence, Scientific Finding Questioned

July 21, 2005
  • Barton County Community College fired its president Tuesday after the Board of Trustees said it had lost confidence in his ability to lead the institution because of a controversy involving the two-year institution's basketball program, the Associated Press reports. Trustees said Veldon Law, Barton's president since 1996, should be held accountable for the actions of three basketball coaches who face federal fraud and embezzlement charges for allegedly producing fake academic credentials to help athletes transfer to four-year colleges.
  • The Board of Trustees at Craven Community College approved a policy Tuesday that lets students retain control over the campus newspaper, formally ending a controversy over racy content in which administrators had contemplated taking the reins of the paper, according to the New Bern Sun Journal.
  • Three biologists are questioning the validity of evidence cited by scientists who said they had sighted an ivory-billed woodpecker, a species that had been thought to have vanished 60 years ago, The New York Times reports. The paper and a rebuttal by the team that announced the high-profile discovery in April will be published in the next few weeks, members of both groups of scientists confirmed to the newspaper.
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