Quick Takes: Colleges' Nobel Math Problem, Explosive Devices Found at Ga. Tech, Florida State Returns Professor's Gift, Spanish-English Aid Glossary

October 11, 2005
  • A Los Angeles Times article explores the way colleges count the number of Nobel Prize winners they can claim as their own. While some colleges count only alumni, current faculty members or long-time faculty members who have retired, others have no hesitation about counting scholars who were on campus only briefly -- or who were fired.
  • Police at the Georgia Institute of Technology disposed of three explosive devices found on the campus Monday morning. A facilities worker picked up one device, thinking it was trash, and it exploded, prompting a thorough search of the area and the evacuation of two nearby dormitories. Two additional devices were then found and removed. The worker was treated and released at a local clinic. Georgia Tech and Atlanta police are investigating.
  • Florida State University is in a messy fight with a professor whose invention of an anti-cancer drug has saved lives and brought millions to the university, The Miami Herald reported. The university is returning a large gift, saying that the professor was imposing too much control over how it would be used. Robert Holton, the professor, is trying to get the university to change its mind.
  • A group of higher education organizations has created an English-Spanish glossary of financial aid terms to help Spanish-speaking families navigate the aid process. The glossary is available free online.
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