Quick Takes: Bush-Clinton Fund Helps Gulf Coast Colleges, Yale Anarchist to Quit Job Appeal, Harassment Charge Dropped

December 8, 2005
  • The fund headed by the first President Bush and President Clinton to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina included among its first set of grants Wednesday $30 million for 34 colleges damaged by the storm. Institutions will use the money for repairs, student support or faculty benefits."Universities and colleges are the cornerstones of communities across the region. Helping them get back on their feet is a key to the long-term recovery of the Gulf," said the former President Bush.
  • A Yale University anthropologist who contended that the nonrenewal of his contract was politically motivated has dropped his appeal and will leave after a yearlong sabbatical, the Associated Press reported. Supporters of David Graeber attributed Yale's decision to let him go after the 2005-6 academic year to the fact that the well-regarded scholar is also an outspoken anarchist, although university officials said politics are not taken into account in such decisions.
  • A William Paterson University disciplinary panel has found that a Muslim student employee did not sexually harass a professor by sending her a private e-mail in which he expressed his religious objection to homosexuality, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. The employee, Roy Jihad Daniel, had responded to a mass e-mail in which the professor had promoted the showing of a film about homosexual relationships by asking to receive no more e-mails and calling such relationships "perversions." The panel rejected the professor's charge that the e-mail had violated state nondiscrimination policies, but did find that Daniel's e-mail had violated the university's policy on appropriate computer use.
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