Quick Takes: Colleges Close for Alberto, Arkansas Revises Speaker Policy, Strike Averted at Eastern Oregon, Tenure and Birth at Virginia Tech, Bequest With a Request

June 13, 2006
  • In advance of the arrival of Tropical Storm Alberto, Santa Fe Community College and the University of Florida announced that they would be closed today.
  • The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville has changed policies about outside speakers on campus, following a federal appeals court ruling that one part of its old policy was unconstitutional, according to the Student Press Law Center. A federal appeals court in April upheld most of the policy, but rejected an automatic limit on the number of times an outside group may reserve space each semester. Now those groups will be able to reserve additional time, provided that they are not preventing other groups from speaking.
  • The faculty union at Eastern Oregon University reached a tentative contract agreement with the administration, averting a strike, the Associated Press reported. Professors had been pushing for raises, which they did not get, with the university citing tight budgets in the state that blocked raised for any public colleges. Some individual faculty members, however, will receive step increases that they believe were unfairly delayed in the past.
  • Virginia Tech has become the latest university to announce automatic one-year extensions of the tenure clock for junior faculty members who become parents through either birth or adoption.
  • John Simmons, a late don at All Souls College of the University of Oxford, has left the institution more than $1.6 million, but only if it will return a sundial designed by Christopher Wren to the spot on the campus where it sat until 120 years ago, The Telegraph reported. For All Souls, that's not an acceptable condition, the college announced.
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