Quick Takes: Study on Deadly Fires, New NIH Database on Genetics, Fired President Teaches Accounting, Man Tries to Kill Ex-Boss at U. of Tulsa

August 31, 2006
  • A study by USA Today found that most fires that kill college students involve houses built in 1929 or earlier and victims who are juniors and seniors, male, and have been drinking. USA Today analyzed all fatal fires involving students since 2000.
  • The National Institutes of Health on Wednesday announced plans to create a database of information about research on human genetics. Plans call for the information to be widely available to scientists, with privacy protections for those who were studied.
  • Priscilla Slade was fired as president of Texas Southern University and was indicted last month based on allegations that she mismanaged university funds and that some were used inappropriately for her home (charges that she denies). The Houston Chronicle reported that Slade is teaching accounting at Texas Southern this semester. Texas Southern officials noted that Slade is a tenured professor and that her firing as president did not revoke her tenure.
  • A man with two guns, ammunition, and ski mask went to the University of Tulsa Tuesday, apparently intending to kill his former boss, the Associated Press reported. When his gun didn't fire, university employees and security officers tackled the man, who was fired four years ago as a custodial supervisor.
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