Quick Takes: Grants for Flexible Work Policies, Hampton Returns Statue, Bizarre Attack on Professors' Car, Tuition Deal in Baltimore, American U. Bars Sudan Stocks, Muhammad Cartoon Returns in Canada, North Central Athletes Punished

September 25, 2006
  • Five research universities are being awarded $250,000 grants today for efforts to promote flexible career paths for faculty members, allowing them to balance career and family goals. The University of Washington, for example, will receive funds to start a pilot paid parental leave program and add slots for infant and toddler day care, among other things. Lehigh University will use some of its funds for special grants to help faculty members sustain research projects while dealing with family obligations, and to create a staff position to help professors with their transitions to and from part-time status. Other institutions receiving the grants are Duke University, the University of California (for the Berkeley and Davis campuses) and the University of Florida. The grants are sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the American Council on Education, and the Families and Work Institute.
  • Hampton University has announced plans to return a memorial statue known as a kigango to a family in Kenya that believes it was stolen from them. Hampton officials issued a statement indicating that they investigated the family's claim and believe that the university obtained the statue legitimately. But the statement said that the university was willing to offer the family the statue on indefinite loan.
  • A husband and wife who are professors at East Carolina University had their car destroyed after it was set on fire -- apparently in a specific attack on them, The Daily Reflector reported. According to the newspaper, the car belonging to their neighbor (an East Carolina student) was set on fire earlier in the week. On the night the professors's car was destroyed, a note was scrawled on the sidewalk leading to the home where the student lived: "Wrong house sorry."
  • The University of Baltimore will pay tuition and fees for all freshmen who enroll in fall 2007, The Baltimore Sun reported. The university is shifting from offering only junior, senior and graduate-level courses to one that offers full undergraduate programs.
  • American University has become the latest institution to bar investments in companies in the oil and gas business in Sudan.
  • A philosophy professor at Saint Mary's University, in Nova Scotia, has returned controversial Danish cartoons of Muhammad to his office door -- months after he removed them amid a university investigation of whether the cartoons violated university rules because they angered some students. The professor said that since the university wasn't issuing a ruling, he was returning the cartoons, according to The Chronicle Herald. University officials declined to comment.
  • North Central College, in Illinois, will bar 17 members of its baseball team and three members of its coaching staff from participating in its opening three-game series against Webster University in March, as part of the punishment for incidents that took place at a party in 2005 and came to light when photographs of the party were posted online, The Chicago Sun-Times reported. At the party, players competed in a game on the field in their underwear, poured alcohol into the mouths of underage freshmen, and had a women's lingerie show featuring freshmen.
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