Quick Takes: Drinking Arrests Up, Union and Nazareth Drop SAT, Shalala Defends Miami, Another Brawl, Alternative to Wikipedia, IT Security, U. of Wisconsin Forces High School to Alter Its W, Video Games and Education, Golf Requirement Debated in China

October 18, 2006
  • Drinking arrests on college campuses rose to 34,393 in 2004, up from 31,234 the previous year, according to data on campus crime released by the U.S. Education Department. Data were also released on other crimes. The drinking arrest rate typically increases and college officials differ on whether it reflects increased drinking or tougher law enforcement.
  • Two private colleges in New York State, Union College and Nazareth College, announced Tuesday that the would no longer require the SAT for admission. College officials said that they believed success at their institutions¬† could best be predicted by grades in rigorous courses. The announcements come at a time that many liberal arts colleges are ending testing requirements for undergraduate admission and more are expected to do so.
  • President Donna E. Shalala apologized for the University of Miami football team's behavior during its highly publicized brawl/football game with Florida International University last Saturday night, but strongly defended the punishments university officials have imposed on the players involved. Appearing at the weekly news conference held by Miami's football coach, Shalala, in her first public comments on the matter, said the university had set "new standards" that involve "zero tolerance" for such behavior. And while she acknowledged that the players had done a "very bad thing," she insisted that Miami's program is nothing like the renegade it was viewed as being throughout much of the 1980s and early 1990s. "Here at the University of Miami you have to meet a standard no one else has to meet because of our past history, so I fully expected this to spin out of control," she said. "But I also expected that at some point I had to stand up and say we don’t go out and shoot our kids for instant restoration of our image.... What I will not do is I will not crucify these young people. I will hit them hard but I’m also going to reach out and pick them up.”
  • Miami and Florida International are not the only institutions dealing with a football brawl. Officials of Dartmouth College and College of the Holy Cross are investigating reports that fights broke out between their two teams when they lined up for the customary handshake after their game Saturday, the Associated Press reported. While there are reports of punching, pushing and kicking, there is nothing on the scale of the melee in Miami.
  • The Citizendium was announced Tuesday -- an effort to create a Wikipedia alternative in which entries are produced by scholars and other experts, who are identified.
  • Educause has released a report documenting changes colleges and universities have taken in recent years to improve IT security.
  • The University of Wisconsin at Madison has pressured an Iowa school district to alter its W logo because it is too similar to Wisconsin's, The Des Moines Register reported.
  • The Federation of American Scientists has released a report summarizing papers from a meeting it held on the educational value of video games and how schools and colleges can promote the use of digital technology to advance learning.
  • A requirement that business students at Xiamen University, in China, learn to play golf is being debated by educators in the country, People's Daily reported. Proponents say that international business executives need to play golf, but others fear that the requirement is elitist, the paper said.
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