Quick Takes: Colorado Law Would Bar Nobel Prize Money, 'Donations' Help Basketball Recruiting, Palomar Faculty Opppose Texbook Rental, Lake Superior's List of Words to Banish

January 2, 2007
  • Colorado's attorney general has determined that a new ethics law adopted by the state's voters is so broadly written that it would bar public university professors from accepting the prize money associated with a Nobel Prize. This is an "absurd result," said John Suthers, the attorney general, and legislators are drafting measures to limit the law's impact. The law was designed to limit gifts to public employees. Another impact of the breadth of the law: Many kinds of scholarships for college students would be illegal for children of professors
  • An article in The Washington Post explores a new way that colleges pay for access to top basketball recruits. According to the article, it is increasingly common for college boosters to make contributions to nonprofit Amateur Athletic Union teams so that coaches can have access to their players. A straight fee payment would violate National Collegiate Athletic Association rules, but according to the Post, the payments have become unofficially required with many programs.
  • Professors at Palomar College, in California, are opposing a plan to require most textbooks to be rented, rather than sold, The North County Times reported. While faculty leaders said that they wanted to reduce costs for students, they said they were worried that the plan was not practical and require professors to stick with the same texts year after year.
  • Continuing a New Year's Day tradition, Lake Superior State University has issued a new list of Words Banished From the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness. Among this year's banned words and phrases: Combined celebrity names (TomKat, Bragelina and so forth), awesome, truthiness ("The Colbert Report" word may have once had meaning, but it's been used up, the university concluded), and i-anything.
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