Administrators' Salaries Up 4%

February 26, 2007

Senior-level administrators are seeing their largest salary gains in five years. The median base pay for salaries for the year is up 4 percent this year, according to data released today by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources. That compares to increases in the previous four years of 3.5, 3.3, 2.5 and 3.5 percent.

CUPA-HR conducts its survey annually, releasing data by position, but not by individual institution. In a reversal of last year, public institutions outpaced privates in all job categories. The largest differences were in executive positions, where the median salary increased by 4.9 percent at public institutions and 4.4 percent at private institutions.

While most of the data concern salaries, CUPA-HR also provides some information about other issues. Some details available this year:

  • The median length of service for chief academic officers is only three years. Andy Brantley, chief executive officer of CUPA-HR, said he was concerned that this was too short a period of time, given that "individuals in these critical positions guide the most important areas of campus, and frequent turnover can be disruptive to the entire campus community."
  • Women are making progress in winning key administrative jobs. Women now hold more than one-third of all jobs as provosts/chief academic officers and as deans of arts and sciences. There has also been notable progress in deanship positions where men still dominate. For example, in the last five years, the percentage of deans of engineering who are women increased to 11.5 percent, from 5.8 percent.

For selected positions, CUPA-HR released data broken down by sector. It is important to note that base pay, which is reported here, is only part of a total compensation package, which especially for presidents and selected other top administrators may include substantial other compensation.

Median Base Pay by Sector, 2006-7

Position Doctoral Master's Bachelor's 2-Year All
CEO of single institution $325,000 $212,800 $208,531 $146,718 $207,999
Chief academic officer $243,079 $146,878 $130,500 $103,373 $140,595
Chief business officer $201,297 $139,900 $129,619 $98,477 $137,424
Chief development officer $200,100 $125,000 $121,518 $83,955 $125,000
Chief information systems officer $171,904 $105,138 $90,236 $85,240 $105,392
Chief HR officer $129,204 $85,000 $72,093 $80,627 $87,869
Chief student affairs officer $166,095 $113,684 $99,738 $90,952 $109,132

For many other positions, CUPA-HR released a median base pay for all institutions,  but not by sector. In many cases, the range across sectors is similar to that for the above positions.

Median Salary by Position, 2006-7

--CEO of system $275,000
--CEO of single institution $207,999
--Executive vice president $153,951
Deans and directors  
--Chief academic officer $140,595
--Associate chief academic officer $104,972
--Chief health professions officer $225,865
--Director of library services $79,560
--Director of institutional research $75,920
--Director of international education $77,454
--Director of academic computing $80,288
--Director of sponsored research $85,750
--Dean of architecture $161,600
--Dean of agriculture $169,786
--Dean of arts and letters $117,101
--Dean of arts and sciences $121,942
--Dean of business $135,080
--Dean of communications $129,370
--Dean of computer and information sciences $122,542
--Dean of continuing education $99,595
--Dean of dentistry $250,548
--Dean of divinity $83,247
--Dean of education $117,450
--Dean of engineering $187,410
--Dean of fine arts $124,952
--Dean of forestry and environmental studies $148,366
--Dean of graduate programs $120,120
--Dean of health-related professions $110,346
--Dean of home economics $159,335
--Dean of humanities $96,609
--Dean of law $239,577
--Dean of library/information sciences $118,843
--Dean of medicine $362,508
--Dean of music $120,200
--Dean of nursing $112,497
--Dean of occupational/vocational education $83,108
--Dean of pharmacy $195,000
--Dean of public health $236,413
--Dean of sciences $114,957
--Dean of social sciences $96,487
--Dean of social work $146,452
--Dean of undergraduate programs $116,056
--Dean of veterinary medicine $200,000
--Chief research officer $185,967
--Chief technology transfer officer $136,804
--Dean of honors program $99,766
--Dean of cooperative extension $142,644
--Director of distance learning $68,998
--Vice provost $131,955
--Assistant provost $94,757
--Chief business officer $137,424
--Chief financial officer $118,586
--Chief investment officer $151,626
--General counsel $149,625
--Chief HR officer $87,869
--Manager of labor relations $88,719
--Director of affirmative action/equal opportunity $86,813
--Chief information systems officer $105,392
--Director of administrative computing $86,160
--Chief physical plant/facilities manager $89,933
--Comptroller $86,436
--Bursar $61,318
--Director of bookstore $50,801
--Director of internal audit $85,850
--Director of campus security $67,116
--Administrator, hospital medical center $333,222
External affairs  
--Chief development officer $125,000
--Director of annual giving $58,181
--Director of planned giving $82,945
--Chief public relations officer $82,689
--Director of government relations $113,775
--Director of alumni affairs $61,678
--Director of major gifts $78,294
--Director of community services $56,900
--Director of publications $60,869
--Director of news bureau $56,273
--Director of marketing $72,100
Student services  
--Chief student affairs officer $109,132
--Associate chief student affairs officer $82,876
--Dean of students $80,012
--Chief admissions officer $75,920
--Associate director of admissions $52,316
--Director of academic advising $59,410
--Registrar $66,008
--Director of financial aid $68,000
--Director of student housing $58,689
--Director of foreign students $52,102
--Director of student union $67,141
--Director of counseling $65,233
--Director of athletics $89,707
--Chief of enrollment management $104,000
--Director of minority affairs $55,541
Information technology  
--Director of enterprise information systems $98,011
--Director of research computing $109,305
--Director of enterprise data center $89,532
--Director of IT security $86,924
--Director of instructional technology $74,276
--Director of user services $72,566
--Director of information management $83,964

An executive summary of the salary report is available free and the full report may be ordered on CUPA-HR's Web site.

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