Quick Takes: Panel Favors Suspension Over Dismissal for Ward Churchill, Stable Enrollments for Virginia Tech, Earning Big Gifts in Texas, New Access to Nazi Archives

May 17, 2007
  • A key faculty panel has recommended that Ward Churchill, the controversial University of Colorado professor found guilty of misconduct, be suspended but not fired, The Denver Post reported, citing Churchill's lawyer. The university's president and board could still move to fire Churchill without the committee's blessing, but administrators at the university have placed a high priority on having faculty members take the lead in investigating Churchill. Churchill's lawyer did not reveal the rationale behind the faculty panel's recommendation.
  • Despite widespread speculation that Virginia Tech would lose enrollment because of the tragic shootings there, that doesn't appear to be the case. The university announced Wednesday that 5,215 accepted applicants had sent in deposits to enroll as freshmen in the fall, and that the university did not use its waiting list. That number is above the target of 5,000 students, and slightly above the 5,185 freshman deposits that had been received a year ago at this time (also with a target of 5,000).
  • The T. Boone Pickens Foundation on Wednesday announced two unusual gifts of $50 million each -- to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and to the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston. The campuses will need to wait to spend the money until they make their gift worth $500 million -- counting the original, interest on investment earnings, and additional fund raising.
  • An agreement of 11 countries this week should allow the release of millions of documents about the Nazi period and the terrors inflicted on those in concentration camps, The New York Times reported. Serious limitations on access to the archives have frustrated scholars until now.
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