Quick Takes: Edwards Gets Economists' Backing, President's Home Shot, U.S. Plans New Negotiations on Student Aid Rules

January 3, 2008
  • Barack Obama has a group of historians backing his campaign, and Ron Paul also has a group of academic supporters. On Wednesday, the John Edwards campaign announced the formation of "Economists for John Edwards," featuring such names as James K. Galbraith of the University of Texas at Austin, Deirdre McCloskey of the University of Illinois at Chicago, Harley Shaiken of the University of California at Berkeley, and Michael Bernstein, provost of Tulane University. A statement from the 30 economists founding the group said: "We support John Edwards because as economists, we seek effective public policy aimed at sustained growth, full employment, an end to poverty, and progress toward solving the major social and environmental problems associated with health care, education, trade, taxation and climate change."
  • David C. Sweet, president of Youngstown State University, returned from vacation December 29 to find several bullet holes in his home, The Tribune Chronicle reported. Police are investigating.
  • The U.S. Education Department has announced plans for two negotiating teams to develop regulations to carry out changes to federal student aid programs enacted by Congress as part of the budget reconciliation law late last year. One panel will weigh various issues related to federal student loans, including a new program of income based repayment of loans and a loan forgiveness plan for students who enter into public service, and how to ensure that federal laws governing relationships between lenders and colleges are not interfered with by a patchwork of state laws, among other things. The other negotiating panel will consider rules to carry out the new Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant program, which provides scholarships to encourage students to become teachers. Those invited as primary negotiators on the loans team are: Luke Swarthout, U.S. PIRG; Carrie Steere-Salazar, Association of American Medical Colleges; Deanne Loonin, National Consumer Law Center; Allison Jones, California State University; Eileen O’Leary, Stonehill College; George Chin, City University of New York; Mark Pelesh, Corinthian Colleges; Tom Levandowski, Wachovia Corp.; Scott Giles, Vermont Student Assistance Corp.; Gene Hutchins, New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority; Wanda Hall, EDFinancial Services; Martin Darnian, Windham Professionals; Anne Gross, National Association of College and University Business Officers. Those invited as primary negotiators on TEACH Grants are Nell Ingram, Dallas Independent School District; William Graves, Old Dominion University; Sandra Robinson, University of Central Florida; Joseph Pettibon, Texas A&M University; Herbert Brunkhorst, California State University at San Bernardino; Janet Dodson, Doane College; Ellis Salim, Baker College; Scott Fleming, Georgetown University; Patrick Moore, Delaware Technical and Community College; Mary Dorrell, Career Education Corp.; Carmen Berkeley, U.S. Students Association; Terry Hartle, American Council of Education.
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