Quick Takes: Vets Denied Credit, Dartmouth President to Retire, From Oberlin to Bangladesh, Audit Backs Ousted UCSF Dean, Fake Student Arrested, Bob Knight Quits, Green Rankings, Dorm of the Future

  • Many military veterans who are enrolling in colleges upon leaving the military are having their requests for academic credit for training they received rejected, The Boston Globe reported.
  • February 5, 2008
  • Many military veterans who are enrolling in colleges upon leaving the military are having their requests for academic credit for training they received rejected, The Boston Globe reported. While colleges' policies on awarding credit for work elsewhere have long been criticized, these rejections are in some ways surprising because of the sophisticated level of military training involved and a system designed to document the academic value of the training.
  • James Wright, president of Dartmouth College since 1998, announced Monday that he would retire in June 2009. Wright plans to spend more time on a cause he has pursued in recent years -- recruiting more wounded veterans into higher education. While at Dartmouth, Wright has overseen record-setting years in fund raising, applications and other measures, but he has also had numerous skirmishes with some alumni who believe he is not sufficiently committed to the traditional view of Dartmouth. College officials said that the tensions over these issues had no role in Wright's decision.
  • Nancy Dye, who left the presidency of Oberlin College last year, has become the first president of the Asian University for Women, which will open next year in Bangladesh.
  • An outside audit has found financial irregularities at the medical school of the University of California at San Francisco, backing the claims of David Kessler, who was fired last year as dean, that he arrived to find the finances a mess, the Los Angeles Times reported. University officials offered another interpretation of the audit -- namely that it demonstrated underlying financial health of the medical school.
  • Federal authorities have announced the arrest of Esther Elizabeth Reed, on charges related to stealing people's identities and using those identities to be admitted to colleges and obtain student loans fraudulently, the Associated Press reported. Among the college Reed is alleged to have duped: California State University at Fullerton, Columbia University and Harvard University.
  • Bob Knight resigned immediately as head coach of the Texas Tech University basketball team Monday. While Knight has been involved in numerous controversies over the years, there isn't one now, nor are their health problems. Knight told The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal that he felt the timing was right to transfer leadership of the program to Pat Knight, Bob Knight's son and head coach designate since 2005.
  • In an effort to quantify colleges’ greening initiatives, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education is launching a pilot rating system that it says will translate “disparate sustainability indicators into a single metric that enables both institutional benchmarking and easy comparison across a large number of campuses.” More than 90 colleges were selected to use the self-assessment tool and provide feedback. They are being scored on their ability to integrate sustainability into curriculum and research, and show changes in operations. For instance, campuses earn points for hiring green cleaning services, purchasing local foods and earning green certification for buildings. Starting in 2009, when the rating system becomes official, all colleges will be invited to use the system, and the association says data will be made public. During the pilot period, all information is being kept confidential.
  • Four recent architecture graduates who work at Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas + Company have been named winners of a contest to design a dormitory for the new century. The winning design combines buildings, a quad and technology. The contest was sponsored by the Association of College & University Housing Officers - International.
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