Newly Tenured ... at Kansas State, Trinity (Texas) and Williams

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges:

Kansas State University

February 19, 2008

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges:

Kansas State University

  • Sajid Alavi, grain science and industry
  • David Allen, elementary education
  • Torben Amtoft, computing and information sciences
  • Barbara Anderson, apparel, textiles and interior design
  • Lance Bachmeier, economics
  • Tara Baillargeon, library
  • Larry Bowne, architecture
  • LeAnn Brazeal, speech communication, theater and dance
  • Bonnie Bressers, journalism and mass communications
  • Liang-Wu Cai, mechanical and nuclear engineering
  • Mary Cain, psychology
  • Bongsug Chae, management
  • Delores Chambers, human nutrition
  • Michael Chilton, management
  • Chairat Chuwonganant, finance
  • Kristan Corwin, physics
  • Elizabeth Davis, clinical sciences and anatomy and physiology
  • Erick DeWolf, plant pathology
  • Sunanda Dissanayake, civil engineering
  • Suzanne Dubnicka, statistics
  • Asad Esmaeily, civil engineering
  • Philip Gayle, economics
  • Jason Griffin, horticulture, forestry and recreation resources
  • Fred Guzek, arts, sciences and business
  • Derek Hillard, modern languages
  • Margaret Kaus, K-State Libraries
  • Joann Kouba, animal sciences and industry
  • Kimberly Kramer, architectural engineering and construction science
  • Meena Kumari, anatomy and physiology
  • Brent Maner, history
  • John Paul Michaud, entomology
  • Teresa Miller, educational leadership
  • Nancy Morrow, art
  • Balasubramaniam Natarajan, electrical and computer engineering
  • David Ollington, speech communication, theater and dance
  • Yoonseong Park, entomology
  • Lorena Passarelli, biology
  • Mohan Ramaswamy, K-State Libraries
  • Thomas Schermerhorn, clinical sciences
  • Sheri Smith, landscape architecture and regional and community planning
  • Kimberly Staples, elementary education
  • Alysia Starkey, K-State Libraries-Salina
  • Jaebeom Suh, marketing
  • Daniel Thomson, clinical sciences
  • Michelle Turvey-Welch, K-State Libraries
  • Craig Weston, music
  • Ludek Zurek, entomology

Trinity University (Texas)

  • Andrew Hansen, speech and drama
  • Jennifer Henderson, communication
  • Michelle Millet, information literacy coordinator

Williams College

  • Dieter Bingemann, chemistry
  • Cecilia Chang, Asian studies
  • C. Ondine Chavoya, art and Latina/o studies
  • Theo Davis, English
  • Jennifer French, Romance languages
  • Stephen Freund, computer science
  • Manuel Morales, biology
  • Noah Sandstrom, psychology
  • Lucie Schmidt, economics
  • Stefanie Solum, art
  • Heather Stoll, geosciences
  • Janneke van de Stadt, German and Russian


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