Senior Administrative Salaries Up 4%

Raises at public institutions slightly outpace those at privates, with largest gains at doctoral state universities.
February 25, 2008

Base salaries for senior administrators in higher education are up by a median of 4 percent in 2007-8, the same gain as last year, and up from increases of 3.5 percent and 3.3 percent the previous two years, according to a report being released today by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources.

Increases were larger at public institutions, at doctoral institutions, and for the most senior of positions, the report found. The study is based on data about salaries for 272 positions, mostly at the director level or higher, at 1,307 institutions. Data are released by position, sector and over all, but the figures are not identifiable by institution.

As has been the case in recent years, the highest median salary in the survey is for medical deans: $385,461. Other dean salaries that are on the high end include dentistry, public health, law and veterinary medicine. On the low end are deans of instruction, divinity and external programs.

The following table shows the median increases for different job groupings, over all and by sector. Generally, public raises were slightly higher than those at privates, but there were more notable gaps favoring the publics in athletics and student affairs.

Median One-Year Salary Increases, by Job Category and Sector, 2006-7 to 2007-8

Job Category All Public Private
Senior executives, chief functional officers 4.4% 4.5% 4.4%
Deans 4.0% 4.1% 4.0%
Associate deans 4.0% 4.0% 4.0%
Academic affairs 4.0% 4.0% 3.9%
Business affairs, human resources and IT 4.0% 4.1% 4.0%
Athletics 4.0% 4.3% 4.0%
Student affairs 4.0% 4.1% 3.8%
External affairs 4.0% 4.0% 3.8%

For a few positions, CUPA-HR releases data on median salaries by sector. Doctoral institutions, as has been the case for years, pay significantly more across a range of the disciplines covered.

Median Pay for Selected Positions, by Sector, 2007-8

Position Doctoral Master's Bachelor's Two-Year Total
CEO of single institution $365,190 $226,000 $220,000 $156,870 $220,000
Chief academic officer $255,232 $152,710 $137,691 $110,151 $148,638
Chief business officer $215,375 $147,980 $134,654 $103,210 $145,000
Chief development officer $215,694 $134,428 $125,000 $83,888 $131,810
Chief information officer $180,000 $110,000 $94,684 $94,222 $110,973
Chief HR officer $136,450 $89,600 $74,616 $82,969 $91,980
Chief student affairs officer $173,855 $118,263 $101,674 $93,602 $113,185

For many other positions, CUPA-HR released a median base pay for all institutions, but not by sector. In many cases, the range across sectors is similar to that for the above positions.

Median Salary by Position, 2007-8

Executive and chief functional officers  
--CEO of system/district $335,806
--Chief of staff to CEO of system/district $125,000
--CEO of single institution $220,000
--Chief of staff to CEO of single institution $92,844
--Executive vice president/vice chancellor $165,000
--Provost / chief academic officer $148,638
--Chief research officer $194,428
--Chief technology transfer officer $146,782
--Chief business officer $145,000
--Chief financial officer $125,968
--Chief investment officer $158,125
--Chief planning officer $115,692
--Chief legal affairs officer $154,723
--Chief HR officer $91,980
--Chief information officer $110,973
--Chief student affairs officer $113,185
--Chief admissions officer $78,978
--Chief enrollment management officer $106,332
--Chief external affairs officer $147,000
--Chief development officer $131,810
--Chief PR officer $90,119
--Chief development and PR officer $130,000
Academic deans  
--Dean of agriculture $179,067
--Dean of architecture $176,931
--Dean of arts and letters $119,360
--Dean of arts and sciences $129,750
--Dean of biological and life sciences $112,146
--Dean of business $143,370
--Dean of computer and information sciences $118,178
--Dean of continuing education $103,300
--Dean of cooperative extension $157,624
--Dean of dentistry $262,222
--Dean of divinity/theology $85,347
--Dean of education $124,330
--Dean of engineering $196,892
--Dean of external degree programs $85,265
--Dean of family and consumer sciences $165,825
--Dean of fine arts $134,031
--Dean of forestry and environmental sciences $179,984
--Dean of government and public affairs $185,413
--Dean of graduate programs $127,776
--Dean of health-related professions $118,020
--Dean of honors program $113,300
--Dean of humanities $96,587
--Dean of instruction $86,814
--Dean of journalism and mass communication $159,596
--Dean of law $252,350
--Dean of library and information sciences $121,200
--Dean of mathematics $87,443
--Dean of medicine $385,461
--Dean of music $135,084
--Dean of nursing $121,589
--Dean of occupational studies $91,167
--Dean of performing arts $134,481
--Dean of pharmacy $200,000
--Dean of public administration $143,750
--Dean of public health $260,000
--Dean of sciences $122,000
--Dean of social sciences $101,311
--Dean of social work $157,808
--Dean of special programs $91,171
--Dean of undergraduate programs $122,734
--Dean of veterinary medicine $215,250
Academic Affairs  
--Vice provost $140,495
--Associate provost $109,279
--Assistant provost $92,700
--Director of institutional research $78,923
--Director of institutional diversity $89,752
--Director of international education $81,032
--Director of sponsored research and programs $89,170
--Director of distance learning $70,195
--Director of teaching center $84,460
--Head librarian for acquisitions $55,636
--Head librarian for technical services $57,970
--Head librarian for cataloging $56,047
--Head librarian for archives and records management $57,450
--Registrar $69,146
--Director of admissions and financial aid $91,776
--Director of financial aid $70,745
Business and administrative affairs  
--Director of contracts and grants $76,799
--Director of university press $100,328
--Director of accounting $74,484
--Bursar $63,340
--Director of bookstore $53,352
--Director of food and dining services $78,736
--Director of environmental health and safety $79,447
--Director of campus security and safety $70,609
--Director of energy and utilities $85,845
Human resources  
--Director of employee benefits $62,000
--Director of training and development $69,588
--Director of employee relations $74,653
--Director of labor relations $94,997
--Director of affirmative action / equal employment $91,091
Information technology  
--Director of academic computing $83,255
--Director of administrative computing $87,268
--Director of telecommunications and networking $83,516
--Director of research computing $104,489
--Director of IT security $88,000
--Director of athletics $91,719
--Associate director of athletics $66,283
Student affairs  
--Associate vice president for student affairs $88,406
--Assistant vice president for student affairs $86,120
--Dean of students $84,440
--Director of Greek life $43,659
--Director of foreign students $54,810
--Director of campus ministries $56,620
--Director of minority affairs $58,147
--Director of women's center $62,444
--Director of student activities $52,250
--Director of student union $67,833
--Director of academic advising $62,113
--Director of career development $61,830
--Director of student counseling $65,910
--Director of student housing $61,568
--Director of student health services (physician) $146,555
--Director of student health services (nurse) $62,300
--Director of counseling and psychological services $79,268
External affairs  
--Director of annual giving $62,400
--Director of planned giving $87,696
--Director of alumni affairs $64,868
--Director of major gifts $81,125
--Director of donor relations $60,000
--Director of government relations $118,202
--Director of federal relations $117,939
--Director of state government relations $100,245
--Director of publications $64,447
--Director of news bureau $60,001

A free copy of the executive summary of the report and information about ordering the full report may be found on CUPA-HR's Web site.


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