Newly Tenured ... at Texas Christian, U. of Kansas, Ursinus

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges:

Texas Christian University

April 29, 2008

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges:

Texas Christian University

  • Giridhar R. Akkaraju, biology
  • Harriet Cohen social work
  • Lyn Dart, nutritional sciences
  • Patrick M. Flynn, psychology
  • Daniel Juan Gil, English
  • Mark B. Houston, marketing
  • Jan Lacina, education
  • Elizabeth Plummer, accounting
  • Nada R. Sanders, information systems and supply chain management
  • Antonio Sandhez-Aguilar, computer science
  • W. Charles Sawyer, economics
  • Andrew Schoolmaster, geography
  • Frank N. Thomas, education
  • Joel Timmer, radio, television and film
  • Scott G. Williams, German
  • Eric A. Yorkston, marketing

University of Kansas

  • Glenn Adams, psychology
  • Yong Bai, civil, environmental and architectural engineering
  • Mary Banwart, communication studies
  • Henry Bial, theater and film
  • Audra Boone, business
  • Ruth Bowman, design
  • Xue-Wen Chen, electrical engineering and computer science
  • Sally Cornelison, art history
  • Dorothy Daley, political science / environmental studies
  • Brian Donovan, sociology
  • Arienne Dwyer, anthropology
  • Ben Eggleston, philosophy
  • L. Ada Emmett, university libraries
  • J. Megan Greene, history
  • Nancy Hamilton, psychology
  • Jie Han, civil, environmental and architectural engineering
  • Patricia Hawley, psychology
  • E. Bruce Hayes, French and Italian
  • Debra Hedden, music and dance
  • Thomas Huang, design
  • Gilbert Karuga, business
  • Terry Koenig, social welfare
  • Stephen Leisring, music and dance
  • Deborah Ludwig, university libraries
  • Elizabeth MacGonagle, history / African and African-American studies
  • Patricia Manning, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Danny Marfatia, physics and astronomy
  • Michael Murray, physics and astronomy
  • Sanjay Pandey, public administration
  • Dena Register, music and dance
  • Brian Rosenblum, university libraries
  • Donita Shaw, curriculum and teaching
  • Kelli Thomas, curriculum and teaching
  • Lisa Timmons, molecular biosciences
  • Marta Vicente, history/women, gender and sexuality studies
  • Andrea Wertzberger, design.

Ursinus College

  • Leah Berman, mathematics and computer science
  • Kneia DaCosta, psychology
  • Sheryl Goodman, media and communication studies
  • Rebecca Lyczak, biology
  • Jonathan Marks, politics
  • Gabrielle Principe, psychology
  • Nathan Rein, philosophy and religion


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