Newly Tenured ... at Creighton, Hood, Macon State, Truman State

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges:

Creighton University

May 6, 2008

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges:

Creighton University

  • Reema Abou-Nasr, family medicine
  • Michael Barsoom, obstetrics and gynecology
  • Lisa Carter, fine and performing arts
  • Christina Clark, classical and Near Eastern studies
  • Teresa Cochran, physical therapy
  • Alistair Cullum, biology
  • Jean-Claude Desmangles, pediatrics
  • Praveen Fernandes, psychiatry
  • Mark Freitag, chemistry
  • H. Kevin Happe, psychiatry
  • Raymond Heller, family medicine
  • Stephen Hess, general dentistry
  • G. Patrick Lambert, exercise science
  • W. Elaine Lust, pharmacy practice
  • William Marcil, psychiatry
  • Marcus Maydew, radiology
  • Rita Meyer, biomedical sciences
  • Sumeet Mittal, surgery
  • Lee Morrow, medicine
  • Catherine Opere, pharmacy sciences
  • Millicent Palmer, surgery
  • Subhash Paknikar, radiology
  • Lawrence Parrish, periodontics
  • Joann Porter, medicine
  • Carlos Prendes, Jr., family medicine
  • Syed Sattar, psychiatry
  • Jon Schrage, atmospheric sciences
  • Sherianne Shuler, communication studies
  • David Sidebottom, physics
  • Yaping Tu, pharmacology
  • Yashail Vora, surgery

Hood College

  • Ingrid Farreras, psychology
  • John George, education
  • Terry Martin, psychology and thanatology
  • Laura Moore, sociology
  • Lynda Sowbel, social work
  • Tamelyn Tucker-Worgs, political science
  • Kimberly Tysdal, mathematics
  • Stephen Wilson, religion and philosophy

Macon State College

  • Don Brown, mathematics
  • Rebecca Corvey, nursing and health sciences
  • Greg George, economics
  • Susan Harrington, information technology
  • Chris Hill, mathematics
  • Laureen Lowman, mathematics
  • Barry Monk, mathematics
  • Anthony Patti, management
  • Naomi Robertson, political science
  • Martin Slann, arts and sciences
  • Jeffrey Stewart, education
  • Stephen Taylor, history
  • Martha Venn, education

Truman State University

  • Pam Gardner, nursing
  • Jonathan Gering, biology
  • Ernst Hintz, German
  • Barbara Kramer, chemistry
  • Barbara Price, English education
  • Janice Clark Young, health and exercise sciences


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