Newly Tenured ... at UNC Asheville, U. of Notre Dame, Washington U. in St. Louis

September 15, 2008

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges:

University of North Carolina at Asheville

  • Joseph Berryhill, psychology
  • Kathie Garbie, health and wellness
  • Lora Holland, classics
  • Brian Hook, classics
  • Keya Maitra, philosophy
  • Mary Lynn Manns, management and accountancy
  • Nancy Ruppert, education
  • Lorena Russell, literature and language
  • Lorraine Walsh, multimedia arts and sciences

University of Notre Dame

  • Amy Coney Barrett, law
  • Christine A. Becker, film, television and theater
  • John A. Blacklow, music
  • Patricia L. Clark, chemistry and biochemistry
  • Jon T. Coleman, history
  • Michael T. Ferdig, biological sciences
  • J. Nicholas Laneman, electrical engineering
  • Keir A. Lieber, political science
  • Sylvia Li-chun Lin, East Asian languages and cultures
  • Gitta Lubke, psychology
  • David T. Mayernik, architecture
  • Scott C. Morris, aerospace and mechanical engineering
  • Rev. Paulinus I. Odozor, theology
  • Steven W. Semes, architecture
  • David Wayne Thomas, English

Washington University in St. Louis

  • Douglas L. Chalker, biology
  • Sophia E. Hayes, chemistry
  • Ohad Kadan, finance
  • Richard Laforest, radiology
  • Jin-Moo Lee, neurology
  • Petra A. Levin, biology
  • Steven B. Miles, history
  • Christine T. Pham, medicine
  • Neil M. Richards, law
  • Bradley L. Schlaggar, neurology
  • Michael H. Tomasson, medicine
  • Jason D. Weber, medicine
  • Roger D. Yusen, medicine

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